Swedish fika

at the old Town Hall Café in central Söderhamn

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Traditional Swedish Fika in a Historic Setting

Unforgettable moments!

 Nestled in the corner of Rådhustorget in Söderhamn is one of Sweden's most beloved cafés. Dating back to 1877, this charming spot underwent a remarkable transformation in the 1930s when its ground floor was converted into a delightful café.
Fast forward to 1954, and a grand renovation took place, overseen by the skilled hands of interior design firm Rapidbolagen, resulting in a perfect blend of modern comfort and old-world charm.
Today, the ambiance still radiates with the warm glow of ceiling lamps from Kosta Boda, while the original furniture, lovingly covered in vinyl, stands as a testament to its rich history. Intricate wallpaper graces the ceilings, and the preserved radiator covers and frosted glass on the display windows and doors transport visitors back to a bygone era.
Here, guests can indulge in a classic Swedish fika experience, seated in the very chairs and using the same china that their grandmothers once cherished in their youth.  
Hembakta pasriservåfflor på riktigt smör och lokalt mjöl


The Bakery

In the basement, you'll find our bakery, where treats of all kinds are lovingly crafted using local ingredients.

Our cookies are, of course, made with real butter and Skogsliden's organic flour from the nearby valley of Norrala.

In addition to classic cookies, you'll find cinnamon buns, pastries, and a variety of other baked goods. Keep an eye out for our specialty treats, such as the jam-filled cookies "syltgrotta" and the vanilla filled cardamom bun "krämkaka", both of which are classic Söderhamn delights.

Inredningen är original från 1954 men konsten byts ut varje månad.

Arts and Culture!

The Quaint Spaces and Artistry

Our café is nestled in a charming setting, offering four cozy rooms for your fika enjoyment. Two of these nooks are often sought after by intimate gatherings – perfect for meetings, secluded family reunions, or even as a venue for heartfelt gatherings like funerals.

As the sun sets at 6 PM, the village hall transforms into an enchanting venue for evening dinners and celebrations. Let us curate a delightful dinner accompanied by our handpicked beverage selection, tailored just for you and your guests.

The artwork adorning our walls tells a tale of our local talent, changing every fifteenth of the month. It's a showcase for our community's artisans, whether they're seasoned professionals or a group of passionate locals eager to display their tin figurines or handcrafted embroidered artworks. In the picture, the artist is Ann-Caroline Breig. 

Savour Your Appetite!

Food and Sandwiches

The top favorite among our daily lunch specials is the smoked salmon from  Skärså. For generations, fishermen have smoked salmon there, a staple that has held significant importance for the prosperity of Hälsingland throughout history.

For those who prefer meat or poultry, we serve meat from Siljan Chark or from nearby farms as availability permits. When chicken is on the menu, we opt for Swedish chicken, and our turkey comes from Lenninge outside Bollnäs.

Are you vegetarian or vegan? No worries, we always offer a vegetarian or vegan lunch option with homemade delicious dishes.

Less hungry? Try one of our sandwiches on homemade bread.

Hembakta pasriservåfflor på riktigt smör och lokalt mjöl


The Jukebox

The box on the wall is a remote control, leading to the heart of the jukebox.

When we started the business in 2020, it needed repairs. Stefan at Ina Music Service, after some detective work, managed to find an amplifier from the 1980s. It's working now, but since the records were last changed in the 80s, their quality varies.

Inredningen är original från 1954 men konsten byts ut varje månad.

Food and fika!

Kitchen and Bakery

The kitchen is a simple one with countertops, a large oven, and a regular household stove. The ventilation consists of a standard kitchen hood, which limits our cooking options. For example, we're not allowed to fry or deep-fry. The food we serve is cooked in the oven or boiled on the stove.

The bakery in the basement has low ceilings, so our refrigerators and freezers are custom-made to fit. People over 1.75 meters tall need to duck under the pipes in the ceiling.

Everything we serve is handcrafted in the bakery.

We have a dough mixer, a proofing cabinet, a large oven, and several workbenches. Luckily, we have wonderful staff who measure, bake, roll, and knead with lots of love!

Quality and !

Local produce

The producers in the area maintain a high quality, and we take pride in supporting them. The coffee and espresso beans from Hälsingekaffe in Söderhamn are gently roasted for an extended period to preserve as much of the aroma as possible. 

The salmon comes from Skärså Rökeri, where Dennis, the fisherman, and Elinor have been running the smokehouse for many years, following Dennis's father before him. 

The flour from Skogsliden Farm in Norrala, where the third generation of the family runs the cultivation of organic wheat, rye, and barley. The farm practices crop rotation and, in addition to flour, produces beef.

We source our meat, chicken, and turkey as locally as possible. The meat comes from local farms, turkey from Länninge in Bollnäs, and the chicken fillets are Swedish.

With our meals, we enjoy juices from Stenbackens Boende and Arbetskooperativ, Trönögumman, Järvsö Musteri, and Björnåsen in Sveg. Lina at Janssons Bröd in Ljusdal makes the knäckebröd and honey and mustard are delivered from Axmar Bruksbod.

Who are we?

In April 2020, we opened the doors after a brief period of inactivity in the premises. At the same time, the world was grappling with the effects of Covid-19, and basic supplies like yeast, flour, and even toilet paper were scarce in stores. But, undeterred, we pressed on! Per had a dream of starting his own venture and had already resigned from his job before Christmas. The lease was signed, and the premises were prepared. Fortunately, farmer Olle from the neighboring village had wonderful flour to sell, and we managed to get our hands on yeast for our first batch of bread. And just like that, we were up and running!
Per Elmefors

Per Elmefors

CEO and chef who loves delving into new knowledge. Warm-hearted enthusiast who says yes to whatever that brings joyful days.

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Malin Åhman

Malin Åhman

Entrepreneur and life savourer who adores fun ideas, beautiful environments, and things that give life meaning.

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Rådis i Söderhamn

Rådhuskonditoriet, Rådhuskondis, Rådhus or Rådis.. A beloved establishment goes by many names, and for nearly the past 100 years, Rådhuskonditoriet has been the one that stuck. Unfortunately, it was already taken when we took over the business in April 2020.

Kyrkogatan 10, 826 32 Söderhamn



mån-fre 8-18, helg 10-16 every day except midsummers- and christmas eve and -day

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